These are the three steps your contact will go through after you add them to your Sylo contact list:

Your contact will receive this email in their inbox:

When your contact clicks the 'Accept Invite' button, they will be directed to the sign up page.

After your contact enters their name, email address and sets a password, they need to click on the checkbox to agree to Sylo's terms, then click the 'Create Free Account' button.This will take them to the 'Download' page, where they will be able to download and install the Sylo application.

Once your contact has installed the Sylo application, they will login with their chosen credentials. Now it's time to conduct your first confidential online session!

Within a session, your contact experiences the same features and interface that you do. The Sylo app is completely free for you and your contacts, up to 10 contacts.

For more information on this, see the post 'What can I do in a Sylo session?'