Sylo is the communication solution trusted by professionals. Sylo provides peace of mind to speak freely online through the provision of complete communication confidentiality.

Many of the services you use every day store your conversations for you. What you say and what you share are stored on the cloud and are in many cases freely accessible by third parties. With Sylo, there is no central server storing the content of your communications. Your conversations are only ever shared between, and accessible by you and the person you are talking to. There is no third-party service provider holding a record of your communications.

Forever Confidential

Your conversations are 100% safe online, because they are End-to-End Encrypted and are not stored in the cloud.

Key Features:

• Video chat, audio chat, share notes, documents and files

• Confidential Messaging

• Crystal clear, reliable & secure 1 to 1 sessions

Join a growing community the world over waking up to the need to choose the right online solution for their confidential communications.

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